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9/11/13…12 years later

13 years later, we remember the losses of 9/11/01 and celebrate our resilience… Read More

2013 Summer solstice

Summer solstice – the longest daylight hours Full moon – the brightest in the sky for the entire year.
So much light piercing the darkness. Read More

Mother’s Day Message…

We celebrate all people who have tenderly and lovingly nurtured an innocent young spirit. We honor their willingness to embrace each one, without imposed expectations or judgements. We respect the way they invite knowledge about the hopes, dreams and fears … Read More

Empathy–What’s It Really Mean?

Certain habits can be cultivated and help individuals become more empathic. This is a core mission of the Institute. We can individually become powerful change agents in society. Read More

“Why Did It Take This?”

“Why Did It Take This?” Why is it that negative, tragic and horrible events bring us close together in our loss… Read More

Wishing You and Yours a Healthy and Happy 2013

Early morning on the East Coast of the United States, electronic devices busily spewed audiovisuals from halfway around the planet heralding the new year. Thundering colors illuminating the sky, bubble filled clinking glasses, locking lips and embraces were openly on … Read More

Life, Interrupted: Putting a Positive Spin on Cancer – Another amazing piece by this writer. She speaks the truth in an eloquent and realistic way. I have often felt the same way and although I do not have cancer I do have a chronic, progressive, physically disabling illness … Read More

Our Elders Facing Life With Chronic Illnesses

More Older Adults With Multiple Problems – I remember being very young and thinking only older people got sick. I was wrong about that. Illness can strike at any age. But getting older can be difficult in and of … Read More

Freedom: A Different Point of View
Refreshingly honest piece.I’m grateful I never had cancer.She’s grateful she’s never been paralyzed.Both of us know losing freedom this way.Well worth reading today, July 4, Independence Day, when we celebrate the birth of our nation. Fireworks, flag-waving, co okouts and a day off from work are all part of the celebration. However, in silent moments, I am grateful for a promise; we are all created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stay tuned for a larger piece of my mind coming soon! Read More

My Twitter Dilemma

Okay, I admit it. I love to talk.
In fact, I have been told more than once that I use TMW (too many words) or that I ask TMQ (too many questions) and give TMI (too much information). They finally got to me so I decided it was TTT (time to tweet). Read more…
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