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Another Season…

Joni Mitchell reminds us “the seasons, they go round and round.” March 21 marked the beginning of Spring 2013. Sitting in my wheelchair on the threshold of another season, I imagined myself as a 6 month old. More than half century ago, I crawled across a threshold into my first Spring.
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My Twitter Dilemma

Okay, I admit it. I love to talk.
In fact, I have been told more than once that I use TMW (too many words) or that I ask TMQ (too many questions) and give TMI (too much information). They finally got to me so I decided it was TTT (time to tweet). Read more…
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Awareness Becomes Personal

May 31, 2012 marked the end of a month filled with health “awareness” causes. This month, the public was told it was national hepatitis, arthritis, melanoma, osteoporosis, asthma and allergy, brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease, and celiac disease awareness month. Undoubtedly, I have left out a few.
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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

There may be something analogous to phantom limb pain…phantom function. Both represent consequences of losses experienced in adapting to disability. Read more… Read More

Listening Is Powerful Medicine

Listen to Listening Is Powerful Medicine , as heard on NPR’s Weekend Edition, February 1, 2009 Read More

Acceptance, And Other Fairy Tales

I took my stethoscope from around my neck, placed it in the desk drawer, took off my white coat and hung it on the hook behind my office door for the last time. Several months earlier, sitting at the same desk, struggling to pen a letter explaining to patients I could no longer be their doctor, I wept at the enormity of my loss. Read More

Rationally, we can recognize that the “perfect” or “ideal” body is nothing more than a myth. We understand that it is elusive, unattainable and impermanent. Yet we live in a society that perpetuates the myth and encourages us to strive for it.

Fly the freindly skies…

Think of the many things we associate with flying & air travel. Now imagine being in a wheelchair, you cannot move your legs, you cannot fit down any narrow aisles, you have on diapers just in case because there is no bathroom you can enter. Read More


I made a decision today. Or, I should say, the Social Security administration made it for me. I am retired. I even have a Medicare and Blue Cross card that says 65 special. Now, that is special… especially since I am only 45. Read More