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Listening Is Powerful Medicine

Listen to Listening Is Powerful Medicine , as heard on NPR’s Weekend Edition, February 1, 2009 Read More

Acceptance, And Other Fairy Tales

I took my stethoscope from around my neck, placed it in the desk drawer, took off my white coat and hung it on the hook behind my office door for the last time. Several months earlier, sitting at the same desk, struggling to pen a letter explaining to patients I could no longer be their doctor, I wept at the enormity of my loss. Read More

Rationally, we can recognize that the “perfect” or “ideal” body is nothing more than a myth. We understand that it is elusive, unattainable and impermanent. Yet we live in a society that perpetuates the myth and encourages us to strive for it.

Fly the freindly skies…

Think of the many things we associate with flying & air travel. Now imagine being in a wheelchair, you cannot move your legs, you cannot fit down any narrow aisles, you have on diapers just in case because there is no bathroom you can enter. Read More


I made a decision today. Or, I should say, the Social Security administration made it for me. I am retired. I even have a Medicare and Blue Cross card that says 65 special. Now, that is special… especially since I am only 45. Read More

I Never Really Understood Until It Happened to Me: Dr. Alicia Conill Becomes a Patient

By Barbara Burgower Hordern. What happens when a vibrant and popular young doctor develops a chronic disease that leaves her legs useless and fingertips numb? For Dr. Alicia Conill, the first reaction was deep denial–so deep she bought a house with spiral staircases. Then she lapsed into a suicidal depression. But it was what came next that transformed her life and the lives of countless others: She began teaching able-bodied medical students and health-care workers just how it felt to have a debilitating illness. Read More